“Laura Labovich is a superlative career coach and mentor. In an extremely austere job market, I sensed early on I needed help….I absolutely made the right choice in Laura. Her advice was always right on the money. After our first phone conference, it was obvious she knows her business. Her advice paid huge dividends when I landed a job and got a salary offer well above I was shooting for. I am truly indebted to Laura. She has my unconditional recommendation….you can’t do much better than Laura Labovich if you’re looking for a street-smart savvy career coach.” -N. L.

“Laura – This is the best resume I have ever seen, and this is coming from a guy who worked for Monster and reads over 20 resumes per week! Expect plenty of referrals.” – R.H.

“Laura deeply understands how the hiring process works, how hiring managers think, and how job seekers can stand out from the crowd. Her presentation style is warm and encouraging but also focused, so she gets to the crux of what a client needs right away. She’s a true pro.” – A. D.

“I was extremely pleased with the work that Laura performed. She totally revised and dilgently rewrote my resume making it stand out and giving it a new freshness and vitality. Since she has a very good sense of what employers are seeking, she allowed for my specific skills to be given even greater emphasis to employers. She also has a good feel for the appropriate wording for resumes. Laura also has a good sense of where and how the specific inputs for a resume should be placed allowing for the reader’s eye to be directed to certain key items. I would highly recommend her work.”  – A. T.

“Working with Laura provided my job search the structure it was lacking prior to my hiring her. The techniques she offered and her guidance during our conversations provided me with the direction that was missing in the early stages of my search. I highly recommend Laura for her expertise and skill in the career search arena.” – D. G.

“Laura is the full package. Sure she can write a dynamic resume, but she can also coach a client with how to manage today’s job market. Laura has a unique ability to ask the probing questions to boil down the situation, tasks involved, actions taken and measurable results. I am returning to the workforce after 8 years. Laura was able to get me in the mindset for todays work environment and gave me invaluable tips for networking. I now have the confidence that my resume conveys my experience and expertise. But most importantly, she helped me get my game face on to return to the job market.”  – D. F.

“I hired Laura to lead a resume workshop for members of a professional association and she did a terrific job. She immediately put our attendees at ease with her upbeat, personable approach to a tough topic. Laura provided key strategies on super-charging your resume to make you stand out from the crowd and get the interview. A++” – K. S.

“Laura Labovich is a master at turning awkward introductions into dynamic and memorable first contacts. From the moment she “took center stage” at The National Résumé Writers’ Association 14th Annual Career Conference, she grabbed our attention and demonstrated how to effectively handle the “name exchange,” answer the question “what do you do,” and prepare an agenda of conference “gives” and “gets.” Laura’s high energy, humor and down-to-earth approach made networking appear effortless and carried over throughout the 3-day conference. I recommend inviting Laura to every conference and networking event kick-off…I can’t image a better way to immediately inspire, excite and engage attendees!” – N. D.

“Laura is on fire, she has credentials beyond her years. Her work ethic and business style should be a recommended college course. She definitely brings so much value into the Careers Community. I am very honored to work with Laura.” – L.R.B.

“It has been a privilege working with Laura Labovich and it was due to her expert job search coaching that I was able to negotiate a promotion and sizeable pay raise. When I was ready to move on to a new position, she created a powerful and unique resume that demanded the attention of hiring managers, and got me an interview for the career of my dreams! She is a passionate and experienced professional who was by my side for every step on my path to a new career. I would highly recommend Laura to people who are desperately in need of job search momentum, or for career changers who need a jump start into their new life!” –  M.G.

“Laura was an inspirational trainer to a group of workforce development professionals in Maryland. She generously gave of her time to help people understand key points in resume writing and new trends in the business. The teleseminar she led was rated very highly by those attending. She is not only knowledgeable, but enthusiastic in her work.” – J.W.