Did you see us in Washingtonian Magazine?

by Laura Labovich on March 13, 2014

Washingtonian MagazineBest Places to workIf you didn’t pick up the December 2013 issue of Washingtonian Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” Issue, you can now find our “Building the Right Resume” article online! I was so honored and excited to be featured in my favorite magazine, addressing a topic I truly love: building gorgeous and compelling resumes! The article is entitled “The Right Resume,” and in it I address common errors one might make when writing his own resume.The article starts:

“We’ve all heard how to avoid common résumé mistakes—check spelling, keep it to a page, change your blink182rulz@aol.com e-mail address. What about more obscure errors? Laura Labovich of Bethesda’s [The] Career Strategy Group offers tips that can make the difference between landing and losing a job.”

In the article, I advise job seekers on the use of color in their resume (we once wrote a resume for a client trying to break into Discover Channel, and gave it a pop of blue: Discovery Channel blue!); share advice on why it’s important to not to go back to Nixon with your experience; and speak to the importance of accomplishments over duties. With a satirical spin, it’s a really fun take on a daunting process and, if you’re planning to write your own resume, a must-read!

You can see the entire article here. Enjoy!  And, if you ever find it challenging to DIY, we’d be delighted to help you. Check out our resume writing services here!

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