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by Laura Labovich on July 26, 2017

computerGoogle is constantly releasing new tools, as well as updates to improve existing ones, in order to make information as easy for consumers to access as possible.

Recently, the search engine expanded into the job search market with Google for Jobs. This tool takes the search for employment to another level, creating a means for average users to not only search for jobs, but also find jobs that specifically meet their needs.

An Organized Job Search

Job search websites can be confusing and disorganized for the user, as postings could be out of date, duplicates can exist, and the selection may not be as specific as you want it to be. Moreover, with so many different job search sites, it can be an overwhelming experience to search for a job online because how do you know where to start or which site to rely on? Well, fret no further. Google created Google for Jobs to overcome these struggles and make life easier for all the world’s prospective employees.

How Does It Work?

Much like Trivago (the popular hotel rate comparison website) filters through all the hotel websites out there to amass a list that is most relevant to your travel needs, Google for Jobs acquires, compiles, and sorts information to meet your job search needs. The search engine combs through the whole of the Internet to gather information across millions of job listing sources, such as actual job search websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Monster, companies, social media, and more. Then Google takes that information and removes duplicates, eliminates anything that is dated, and indexes what remains into categories that will make your job search simpler.

Where Do I Start?

Getting started with Google for Jobs is easy; all you have to do is open a Google Search window and type “jobs” or “internships” into the search bar. A blue box labeled “Jobs” will appear with your job opportunities listed underneath it.


This is a very generic search, and the results will be tailored to the area you are searching from and feature all industries. In order to narrow down your search you’ll want to provide some parameters and specify your search query. You can also click on the blue box to enter the official Google for Jobs area and get the full experience of this great tool!

Narrowing Down Your Search

Google for Jobs allows people to specify their job search guidelines based on:

  • Industry
  • Title of Position
  • Postdate of Position
  • Type of Work
  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Internship
  • Contract Work
  • Location of Company
  • Company Type
  • And More!

In a Google Search window you can start narrowing down your employment expedition by expanding what you type into the search bar. For example, if you were look for a publishing job, instead of simply typing in “jobs,” you could search:

  • Publishing jobs
  • Publishing jobs near me
  • Publishing jobs Chicago
  • Publishing jobs Illinois
  • And So On!

Your more-specified Google job listings will show up in that same area with the blue “Jobs” box:

jobs detail

You can also specify your search within the Google for Jobs area that (as mentioned) you access by clicking on the blue box, or the blue area with the arrow below the first few results.

Other Important Features

Within the Google for Jobs area there are many extra tools to help you with your employment endeavors. You can turn on job alerts to have Google email you when new positions related to your specified search are posted. Google for Jobs populates your search with some suggested job types or parameters if you have not specified any. If you find a position that appeals to you, by clicking on the listing’s button Google will direct you to wherever the original posting came from so you can apply to it. And if you have a dream job at the top of your list, you can search specific companies through the “employer” section found on the top left.

Simplifying The Job Search Process

Hunting for a job does not have to be a complicated endeavor. Google for Jobs has created a efficient way for you to maximize your job search so that you find the jobs you want as easily as possible. Explore the tool today, and for more job search strategy and career strategy assistance, contact the experts at The Career Strategy Group. We help you find a job faster!

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