Meet Our Tribe

YvonneaYvonnea Mharie – Senior Resume Strategist

Yvonnea has over 10 years of experience writing one-of-a-kind resumes that get clients noticed. She excels in identifying success themes, capturing brand identities, and strategizing career narratives so that clients can put their best foot forward and convey their value to potential employers. Her work has helped open doors for hundreds of clients, from entry-level graduates to front-line professionals, career changers, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives.

Before becoming a certified advanced resume writer, Yvonnea held various positions in corporate and healthcare environments, working in program management, administration, and customer service. Independently, she has provided direct marketing, ghostwriting, and copyediting services to many clients. Yvonnea also holds higher degrees in comparative literature from the University of Washington and University of California, Berkeley, which add incomparable strength to the work she performs here at The Career Strategy Group.

In her personal time, Yvonnea loves to read about and explore a wide range of topics, including travel, history, materials science, technological innovation, sustainability, and business productivity. She also has a soft spot for children and is constantly dreaming of ways to create a better world for them. When she is not busy crafting compelling career marketing materials, she can be found joyfully playing with her own child, taking long walks with her camera in nature, and learning new things on

DanaDana Inerfeld – Senior Career Strategist

With more than 15 years of experience as a career coach and human resources development specialist, Dana has coached hundreds of professionals, across many industries, to achieve their career goals.

Dana holds a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University. She is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as well as the Birkman First Look Assessment.

Throughout her career, Dana has designed and implemented client training, employee development, and team building programs within the technology, non-profit, and government sectors for organizations such as the United States Peace Corps, The Nature Conservancy, America Online, and Google.

Dana’s personal motto is “It’s worth a try!” Personally, this philosophy has enabled her to visit 30+ countries, go cave diving and zip lining, and win a trip to Walt Disney World. Professionally, it is a cornerstone of her approach to clients; for she believes there are many aspects of the job search process that are worth trying, even if success is not guaranteed, for example social networking (which she has yielded a lot of success in).

MicheleMichele Brant – Senior Career Strategist

Michele has more than 20 years of corporate and consulting experience. While her leadership roles have varied from project management to training and development, online marketing, and business and executive coaching, there is a strong common thread running through her work. And that thread is the powerful partnership she creates with all her clients to help them choose and go after their best career path.

At the Career Strategy Group, Michele’s specialties include career coaching, interview training, resume development, career marketing plan development, onboarding/leadership development, and career re-engineering. She also contributes a unique, strategic approach that helps clients articulate their value and differentiate themselves with confidence in their target market. Over the years, Michele has become known for her heartfelt support of her clients’ goals, respect for their values, and dedication to their growth.

Michele has a BS in Industrial Management, Business Marketing, and Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Her certifications include: Certified Professional Coach with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), MBTI, and EQ. Additionally, Michele is always adding to her tools and capabilities to ensure her clients get the expertise they need for their specific challenges.

As the daughter of a West Point graduate, Michele has lived in many different states and countries throughout her life, which has required her to be flexible and a quick learner. In fact, she characterizes herself as a lifelong learner with many interests, which she pursues in her free time. Michele currently lives happily with her husband and four adopted pets. (Long story!)

Cathleen G.Cathleen Garner – Resume Writer

Cathleen Garner is an ACRW (Academy Certified Resume Writer) and CARW (Certified Advanced Resume Writer). She earned a BBA and MBA concentrating in management information systems (MIS), and an MS in MIS from the University of Houston-Clear Lake while working 15 years in the aerospace industry. Cathleen began her career in safety & health before moving to the IT team within her company as a network administrator.

After layoffs affected her family, Cathleen became a student of resume writing and is one of the first graduates of The NRWA’s highly acclaimed Writing Excellence: Moving from Mediocre to Magnificent program. Cathleen is also a Certified DISCstyles Communication Consultant (CDCC) and a Certified 360Reach Analyst. She is a member of multiple professional associations, including The National Resume Writers’ Association, Career Directors International, and Professional Association of Resume Writers.

While she writes resumes for clients in all industries and professions, she especially enjoys those with a technical aspect to them. Cathleen has a special passion for working with those who have lost their jobs due to company or industry downturn. She uses her first-hand knowledge of IT and safety, along with extensive college coursework, to translate technical skills to employers.
When she is not writing resumes, Cathleen can be seen trying to keep up with her two young children.

Laura Needham - Resume WriterLaura Needham – Resume Writer

Laura has been writing career documents since 2005 and is one of the first graduates of the highly acclaimed, National Resume Writers’ Association’s course Writing Excellence: Moving from Mediocre to Magnificent. She values collaboration and often consults with other resume writers to ‘test run’ her documents, ensuring her strategy and intended messages are clear.

Her work has earned her a reputation for unique, interest-grabbing cover letters that convey her clients’ guiding principles.

As the primary “employment-readiness” instructor at WorkSkills, a nonprofit in Fairfield county, Connecticut, her workshops in career planning, resume and cover letter writing, targeted job search techniques, and interviewing skills have helped hundreds of clients feel more confident. Her latest project, designing and teaching a course promoting an entrepreneurial mindset, has prepared many for the challenge of finding their next occupation.

Laura has worked in corporate banking, library science, public education, cash management, and retail prior to serving as a resume writer and instructor in a nonprofit environment. She has a B.A. in Finance from PACE University.

Marie Plett – Senior Resume Writer

After an initial career developing graphics and apparel for some of the world’s most popular fashion brands, Marie shifted her focus to producing one-of-a-kind resume presentations. She has since won top resume writing awards from Career Directors International, including the first place 2016 TORI Awards for Best Executive Resume, Best International Resume, and Best Accounting/Finance Resume ( For 5 years, she was the President of Aspirations Career Services Inc., where she managed a team of 10+ certified resume writers and trained them to become some of the industry’s most respected resume artists.

Holding the highly competitive Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM) designation, and also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Marie has developed thousands of fresh and exciting resumes for nearly every industry, with particular specialization in pharmaceutical and healthcare, finance, IT, engineering, and marketing. She works with many designers of all types as well as international clients.