Outplacement Services: Why Companies Offer Them

by Laura Labovich on January 18, 2016











In the first 151 days of 2015, nearly 9 million people were either laid off or fired. So if you’re among them, rest assure you’re in good company. Sadly, company layoffs aren’t going away anytime soon. We’re barely into 2016, and a number of companies have already announced likely layoffs later this year. Below are just a few of them:

Causes of Downsizing

A significant drop in sales or revenue is one of the biggest reasons many companies are forced to downsize. Let’s take the nation’s largest department store chain, Macy’s, for example: even it is not immune to downsizing. Just this month, Macy’s, which also operates Bloomingdale’s, announced it would have to slash its employment force after a miserable holiday season of decreased sales.

But, revenue doesn’t need to be at risk to offer outplacement support. They can also offered to employees who are no longer a fit within the organization. Outplacement services can be given to one, or many. You don’t need to be planning a big layoff to offer a lifeline to your affected employee(s).

Why Would you Want to Provide Outplacement?

To soften the blow from a layoff and to help their now former employees get back on their feet, many companies turn to outplacement services. Not to be confused with the term “outsourcing,” outplacement services typically consists of individual or group career counseling and advising.

You may ask yourself, “Why would a company offer this service to ex-employees?” Well, there are a couple of reasons actually:

  1. Taking care of outgoing employees is just the right thing to do

You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “treat others as you’d want to be treated.” For many company leaders, there is often some guilt associated with employee layoffs. For many companies, offering outplacement service allows them to help take some of that guilt off of their shoulders by knowing that despite the job cuts, they’re doing what they can despite the situation to help somebody’s mother, aunt, uncle or father survive in the real world.

  1. Providing outplacement services can boost your employer brand

When a company makes outplacement services available to former employees, it boosts the morale and work ethic of current workers. A company that offers outplacement services also generates a positive reputation among neighbors, political leaders and fellow businesses in the community. These days, a good reputation is EVERYTHING.

  1. Companies offering outplacement services experience a decrease in potential lawsuits

Ex-employees frequently file lawsuits because they feel they’ve been wrongly terminated, and are in a panic about finding future employment. Outplacement reduce a company’s liability risk is to focus the displaced worker’s attention on the future rather than on the past.

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