New Resume Add-on Service Helps You Avoid Resume Black Hole

by Laura Labovich on May 30, 2012

We are very excited to announce a new resume add-on service that aims to protect your resumes from the dreaded black hole. Beginning May 30, 2012, all resume packages will include one submission to a proprietary online tool, Preptel Resumeter®, that will diagnose your resume’s effectiveness for the job you are targeting. Then, our writing team will incorporate the right keywords in the right places and improve your chances, up to 40%, for any given job.

As a former recruiter with Disney and America Online, I know the chances are slim to none that a resume, even a finely-crafted one, will get past the bots of an applicant tracking system.  That’s why our team will use the Preptel Resumeter®, a cutting-edge technology proven to increase your chances of getting an interview by providing you with a custom tailored error-free, keyword-rich resume. We use exclusive software, adapted from the same technology hiring company’s use to ensure your resume is the best fit, and is customized for the job you want.

At most companies, computers, not humans, will read a candidate’s resume first. Statistically, 75% of resumes are discarded for using the wrong keywords, and more than 20% of resumes don’t make it due to formatting issues.  While most job seekers spend 80% (or more) of job search effort applying to posted jobs (if this is you, there’s a better way…), only 2-5% will actually ever get an interview.  When you submit a resume to a corporate website, you are not only up against the people who applied for that specific job; you are up against anyone in the resume database who has good keyword relevance. Thus, finding a top spot among the mass of resumes requires not only luck, but detailed understanding of keyword logic.

If you don’t hear back from a company, chances are your resume (along with 60% or more of the resumes in the database) isn’t making it past the ATS software test. It could be rejected for name or character convention violations, or insufficient keyword matching. But, now, a solution exists. As of today, every resume purchased through Aspire! Empower! Career Strategy Group will first get a trial run through the ATS, followed by keyword fixes that will raise the resume to the top of the pile, and give it a better chance of circumventing the resume black hole!

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