Corporate Outplacement and Career Transition Services in Washington D.C.

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Downsizing is a difficult and emotional process for company leadership. Whether you are downsizing 100, or only a few, The Career Strategy Group can help by offering downsized employees support and hope as they begin the process of looking for a new job.

Who are we?

We offer a one-stop, flexible, cost-effective, and expert outplacement solution. Our career solutions range from 1:1 consultation with a job search coach, to career marketing development support, to DIY solutions that can give your affected employees support at their own pace.

We have worked with clients, both big and small, in the D.C. area: non-profits, departments within Fortune 500 companies, and universities. What do our satisfied clients have in common? They want to work with a company who offers a winning system; one that will get their affected employees hired faster.

Each one of our clients are paired with an experienced personal job search strategy coach, a certified and branding expert (who will build custom documents such as resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles…to almost unrecognizable proportions), and a project manager who will answer any questions, and help them navigate the technology and tools along the way.

Let the coaching, advising and encouraging begin. (Whistle included.)

We are local and women-owned.

As a local, women-owned firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to give white glove treatment and support to our Washington D.C.-based clients, enabling them land a job 60% faster than the national average. Delivering exceptional client service is what we do best. We know that our clients are also our neighbors, and we are proud of our commitment to the people in our nation’s beautiful capital.

We customize all of our packages to fit your budget and the needs of your loyal employees.

Sure, we have high-touch / high-tech job search strategy packages for entry-level, professional and executive candidates, and we’re happy to tell you what has worked for our clients in D.C. But, if those options don’t work for you, we’ll work with you until we find a right fit solution for your career transition efforts (and your budget).

We offer full-service, award-winning resume writing solutions.

With other outplacement organizations, job seekers get their resumes reviewed by a coach but are then left to create their own documents. Give your employees the gift of a professionally written resume by a credentialed and award-winning resume writing team who will collaborate with them to create a compelling document that will actually help them land a job faster. When you hire us, your employees get “done-for-them” writing and branding solutions (and fewer gray hairs resulting from writing their own resume).

We build workshops and on-site programs to suit.

Laura M. Labovich, Washington DC’s Top Job Search Strategist, award-winning resume writer, and author, is experienced at designing and facilitating workshops to groups, from five to 500, on a variety of job search topics that will leave employees feeling armed and ready to launch their job search campaign. Half- and full-day seminars, providing attendees with the latest career trends in job search and interviewing, can be developed to suit your circumstances and delivered in Washington DC, and across the United States.

Distinctive elements of our unique outplacement services include the following:

Professional Resume Service:

With this service, your affected employees receive a professionally crafted resume. (And, it will be GORGEOUS!)

Our firm is different than our national competitors, and you can see it in the resumes we deliver to our clients. As an award-winning team of writers, your employees will all receive a professionally written resume that they can use immediately. Plus, it will be compelling, targeting and effective. (If you want to see some samples, just email us. We’re very proud of our award-winning writing team and the products they deliver.)

Elite Job Search Coaching:

You can customize volume of private one-on-one coaching sessions with an expert job search/career coach. While not an exhaustive list, some sample coaching sessions can include the following (highlighted sections are most frequently offered coaching topics):

  • Seven Stories Exercise and Forty-Year Vision. Let’s get clear on your accomplishments or, as we like to call them, your “greatest hits.” This will help you articulate your value to an employer and prepare for networking events that you’ll undoubtedly encounter in your job search
  • Uncovering the Hidden Job Market. We’ll discuss how to use your Personal Marketing Plan to uncover hidden opportunities, get meetings with target employers, and cultivate relationships (strategically). We’ll also talk about Stage 1, 2 and 3 contacts and how to build your pipeline so your network can help you better.
  • Elevator Pitch Development (30-Second Commercial and/or Two-Minute Pitch). We’ll craft your unique 30-Second Commercial and Two-Minute Pitch so it’s ready when folks ask: “how can I help?”
  • Job Search Strategic Planning Including Personal Marketing Plan (blueprint) development. We’ll help you identify target companies, research companies and assemble a list. Key takeaway from this session is your PMP that works alongside a great resume.
  • Interview Preparation. We’ll tackle how thinking like a consultant will help you shift your mindset in the interview, and carry you further along the interview process.
  • Obstacle Jumping. In this session, we’ll address any challenges you are having in the job search, prepare for informational meetings or interviews and talk about how to expand your reach online and in-person. This session can be a catch-all for what is stopping you in your job search.
  • Get Found Online via Social Media. Not on LinkedIn yet, but know that you should be? Not getting the most out of it? Need advice about social media sites that can improve your online ranking or brand? We can conduct a social media audit and help you establish a purposeful online presence

Personal Marketing Plan Development:

Every coaching client receives a “blueprint” for how to effectively conduct a job search and garner high-quality leads.

Online, 24/7 access to our digital job search course, HIRED!

Access to our in-house, 40+ hour online job search course, designed in conjunction with Pearson Publishing, that teaches Job Search 101: starting with assessments, resumes, social media, cold calling, pitch development, interviewing and research for the job search. Affected employees will receive 24/7 access to this self-paced, DIY course with quizzes (to validate learning) and cutting-edge techniques on how to land a job faster.

Recruiter Distribution Service:

Once we’ve created you a compelling resume, let us distribute it electronically to 1000+ recruiters in your target industry or function. They’ll receive your new resume and cover letter, right in their inbox! It would take months to get the right names and email addresses to make this happen on your own!

Amazon Best Selling Job Search Book:

One copy of 100 Conversations for Career Success: Learn to Network, Cold Call and Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job (a Forbes pick for best career book of 2013).


Your affected workforce will receive access to a systematic, effective online tool for job hunters. According to the developer of CareerShift, Val Matta,CareerShiftwas created to help job seekers successfully navigate the published and hidden job market to find gainful employment. CareerShift has offered an online set of integrated applications proven to help job seekers since 2007. Named “The Best Job Search Tool on the Internet,” CareerShift is available to individual users, institutions, and organizations nationwide. Using an exclusively licensed, patent-pending set of integrated tools, job seekers are able to find employment more easily and conveniently. With tools like CareerShift‘s robust company and contact database, users can find current job connections and make meaningful new connections.

For more information, call Laura M. Labovich at 703.942.9390, or email us at