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by Laura Labovich on December 18, 2012

When you are in a job search, it’s critical to monitor, track, and manage your contacts, conversations and relationships. I am asked frequently my advice on the best way to do this; “Is Excel the way to go?” Hmm…well, Excel was certainly a fine option many years ago (before the internet was invented!) but now there are other, finer, and more effective options.

But, I’m only going to write about my favorite today: JibberJobber.

Without spending hours writing about this wicked cool tool, I’ll just share with you that there are several things you can do on JibberJobber, as a job seeker:

  1. Organize your job searchAt its very core, JibberJobber is a tool for job seekers, job hunters, recruiters, and headhunters to organize the job hunt and manage a professional network.  And, IMHO, it gets a GOLD star on this one…
  2. Manage and track relationships.  Here, you can organize, manage and track the info around your relationships. This tool serves as an excellent relationship manager.
  3. Integrate Contacts with Companies and Jobs data. JibberJobber easily allows you to create one log entry (and action item) to many records at once.
  4. Create and get Action Item reminders (for follow-up). Need to remember to follow up with that contact you ran into at Panera last Tuesday? Don’t let disorganization get in your way. Creating action items in JibberJobber, to help you keep up on your commitments, has never been easier.
  5. Short term value and long term value.  Jason Alba, creator of JibberJobber, says it best: “[JibberJobber] is not a band-aid solution, or a throw-away job search tool.  It is a long-term career management solution to be used from now until you are done with relationships (or your career).

Ok, you got me. It’s NOT a new tool…but, if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s new to you!

So, if you are in a job search and you want to learn more about how to use JibberJobber to get more control, jump on a video webinar here!


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